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About Document Imaging Technologies

DIT combines over 70 years of records/document management experience and practices to the use of technology and outsourcing alternatives helping organizations get started. We offer creative approaches to tackling paper backfiles without putting a strain on the corporate budget. Our ability to review and understand the business process results in designing solutions to meet regulatory compliance and automate processes that save money.

Competitive Advantages

  • Expertise in assessing the document landscape
  • Use of the latest technology tools in the delivery of key services
  • Key relationships with manufacturers and partners to deliver end-to-end solutions
  • Customized document procedures integrated with the specific software solution.
  • Deliver customized conversion services integrated with hosting solutions and long term storage.

Superior Quality

Quality - This means entering all of your data from source documents without errors or omissions. Your data is captured with 99.5% or better accuracy, achieved with thorough planning, testing, staff training, technology, and quality assurance programs.

Testing - Thorough testing is performed before beginning full production to assure the final results are exactly what the customer wants.

Technology - Quality and productivity are improved using data-entry validation tables, selection menus and lists, consistency formulas, and logic rules.

OCR - Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning technology is used for source documents with clear printing and consistent formats for fast, automated data extraction.

Double Entry Keying - Double-key data entry improves accuracy. Two independent data operators type the same data. The computer compares the results and notifies the operator of any errors.

QC Process - A quality assurance program is designed for each project, including random sample checking, proofreading, and computer based consistency checks. The QC plan also addresses production and delivery schedules.

Training - New and long time employees constantly receive job specific and general training to achieve high accuracy and high production. For the most complex projects, staff receives training to make decisions when entering data, such as identifying unique forms or searching a document to locate the correct information among possible fields or choices.

Competitive Pricing

Data entry, indexing, file conversion, and many other document management tasks are very labor intensive. You take advantage of the lower labor costs available in our offshore facilities.

On-time Delivery

Our off-shore service center is located in one of the largest cities in India with a plentiful supply of well-trained technical workers. We turnaround output data within minutes for customers requiring instant processing, or 8-24 hour turnaround for projects requiring overnight processing. We process thousands of image documents each day and can easily expand staff or shifts to meet critical job deadlines.

Working Offshore

DIT has customer service and project managers in California and offshore production facilities in Chennai, India. This gives you the advantage of local contacts for project planning and reporting and lower cost employees for the labor-intensive work.

Project Monitoring

For each project, DIT sets up a Web based project management database. You can monitor progress from your office.

SAS 70 Security Compliant ASP Site

DIT strictly controls access to your data. Source data is only entered on our networks by authorized supervisory personnel and cannot be copied. As requested, source documents can be returned, stored securely, or destroyed. We can use secure encryption techniques for data transferred via the Internet.

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