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Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts

DIT Consulting delivers:

Focused expertise:
Expertise needed to complete a specific project task, such as installation, component development or application integration.

End-to-end project delivery:
Delivery of an entire project, from start to end. Perfect for organizations with limited resources or expertise to complete the project.

Subject matter expertise:
Access to full- or part-time subject matter expertise (SME) with focused involvement throughout the entire project. Ideal for organizations with large IT departments who prefer to complete the project on their own but still leverage DIT's expert oversight and guidance.

DIT's service offerings: were formed based on high customer demand for specific services and our ability to consistently scope and deliver them. These well-defined and repeatable packages ensure success, reduce risk and decrease implementation time by providing specific deliverables, timeframes and costs. DIT's packaged service offerings include:

Implementation Scoping: Includes the process of defining a project's scope and goals; developing project, risk assessment and mitigation, change management and communications plans; and determining the prioritized list of requirements.

System Architecture Assessment and Design: Includes required analysis to develop the specific technical architecture for a project. This analysis focuses on designing a customer's entire technology infrastructure required to support a successful DIT implementation including the number of environments, hardware sizing, security, network infrastructure and required software component placement within the environment. This offering is relevant for customers who are implementing a new solution or existing customers that are need to expand their solution.

Implementation Roadmap: Includes the development of a long-term strategic plan aligned with a company's strategic business objectives and long-term content management needs. Customers may initially use DIT to solve a line-of-business information problem but may quickly identify other ways in which they can use the Stellent technology. This offering provides a long-term implementation plan organized in phases.

To discuss any service or your project requirements, please e-mail us or call 714.529.7600

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