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We help companies just like yours save time and money with our Always-On Print and Mail Service

DIT Services offers the premier print on demand and lettershop services with a national network of print locations. DIT's Print and Mail Services is your one stop shop for all of your printing and mailing needs. We offer the most reliable printing services, including medical billing, statement printing, fulfillment and lettershop print and mail services, that are designed to save you both time and money.

Think about it: an online invoice printing service that prints and mails any of your documents whenever you need them sent. Do you need to mail monthly statements? Submit your file and we do the statement printing and mailing for you. When you outsource statement printing to DIT, you save both time and money.

Have you thought about outsourcing the printing and mailing of your customer invoices or medical billing? No problem, our Internet-based invoice printing and mail service allows you to outsource invoice printing to us without ever having to leave your office. Are you doing hospital medical billing? We can be your outsource printing and mail service partner. When you outsource statement printing and other print or fulfillment jobs, you free up your staff for other projects, which will increase your overall productivity and profits.

Setting up our Print Service to print and mail your communications is as easy as


Customer Comments

"We have saved $260,000 in postage, materials and labor using this service. I would highly recommend outsourcing to other companies."
Controller, National Retailer

“I send our file and the contents are printed and mailed faster than we can do it ourselves.”
Credit Manager, Fortune 1000 company

“We are a small firm but I still found these services to be extremely helpful. You enable us to focus on other, more profitable projects.”
President, Medical Billing Company

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