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Inbound Mail Handling

Inbound MailDIT provides lock box and mail handling services for our clients. Handling documents in the early stages, such as the mail receiving function, provides users with information more quickly and efficiently.


Mail Room

  • Mail opening
  • Document Preparation
  • Document Sorting
  • Digital Scanning
  • Document E-sorting
  • Data Capture/Indexing
  • Reject handling
  • Copy/Blowback Printing
  • Outbound Fulfillment Letters/Packages


  • Closed-loop integration with data conversion
  • Regulatory compliant security and privacy
  • Structured process and change control
  • Automated sorting and reject handling


  • Reduced cost and sharply improved quality
  • Fewer “lost document” complaints
  • Reduced error-prone manual intervention
  • Rigid document control and reporting

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