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By definition, Sigma is a statistical concept that represents the amount of variation present in a process relative to customer requirements or specifications. Six Sigma optimizes processes by minimizing this variation.

Six Sigma is used by companies such as Motorola and General Electric. Utilize DIT's certified Six Sigma Black Belt consultant to streamline your business processes. When a process operates at the Six Sigma level, the variation is so small that the resulting products or services are 99.9997% defect free.

In addition to the statistical definition, Six Sigma also refers to a business philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement; this is achieved by understanding customer needs and expectations.

DMAIC is the roadmap for Six Sigma:

  • Define: Identify the scope and boundaries of the project, define defects, team charter.
  • Measure: Map process and identify inputs and outputs.
  • Analyze: Failure Mode & effect analysis, Multi-variable analysis.
  • Improve: Verify critical inputs, optimize critical inputs
  • Control: Implement control plan, verify long term outcomes, and continuously improve

Our Six Sigma consultants will work with your team to streamline your process, helping your product or service to become more efficient and defect free.

  • Reduce process errors to 99.9997% defect free
  • We offer the services of our Certified Six Sigma Blackbelt
  • Identify a practical problem, convert it into a statistical problem, find a statistical solution that will result in a practical solution

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