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Healthcare Solutions

HealthcareClinical and administrative staffs have more worthwhile things to do than chase paper,and guesses due to missing or late information can cost lives and resources. The benefits add up quickly.

The cost savings for a hospital or clinic implementing digitized records can range into millions of dollars:

  • By reducing time spent by clinical personnel involved in retrieving hardcopy patient records.
  • By reducing space. Hospitals measure the volume of patient paper files in miles or tons.
  • By speeding up billing cycles with streamlined communications forhealthcare payers.
  • By reducing time searching for and consolidating patient information from multiple sources.

Payer Solutions

DIT is a leader in the healthcare payer market.  Our team of professionals offers extensive claims processing experience and provides a portfolio of industry-based solutions for healthcare claims companies. We help healthcare payer customers reduce expenses, increase revenue, optimize productivity and support the sharing of critical electronic-based information.

Digital Mailroom Services

In-bound mail management of healthcare claims, handling and extraction of project-specific documentation either at client site or at a DIT facility. Services include logistics and tracking.

High- and low-volume paper-to-digital image conversion of healthcare claims. Images are captured and inspected for final storage and retrieval. X-ray scanning to digital.

High-volume data extraction (OCR, keying) from healthcare claims in a variety of formats is accomplished domestically with maximum accuracy through quality assurance processes.

Digital Conversion Services

For transferring film (microfilm) or microfiche to image.

Printing and Outgoing Mail Fulfillment

High-speed printing of electronic documents, records, and images on an as needed basis for policyholder requests, disputes, provider requests and other “on demand” purposes. Bulk mail preparation and actual mailing of bills, statements of account, promotional material, settlement data as needed.

Claim Adjudication

From eligibility verification through rules-based adjudication.


Provider Solutions

DIT’s extensive team of industry professionals delivers a comprehensive portfolio of healthcare provider solutions to hospitals and medical centers and the patients they serve. Our services enable customers to expedite mission-critical documents throughout the life of a patient record, improving the quality and cost effectiveness of patient care.

Medical Records Management and Storage Services

With our refined proprietary records tracking system, DIT improves each customer’s bottom line by right-sizing file rooms and paper/chart management overhead. We do this by seamlessly transferring these efforts off-site into our own secure facilities. DIT advantages include stat deliveries, a misfile prevention system, and a budget-friendly fixed monthly service fee.

Record Conversion Services

DIT employs state-of-the-art workflow and repository technology to provide customers with a bridge to the electronic record and electronic film library. We incorporate high-volume scanning and indexing capabilities for day-forward or historic document conversion in a comprehensive solution that meets full Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance.

Records Management Consulting Services

A full range of HIM record management consulting services can be integrated with a client solution to improve workflow, reduce operating expense and maximize the availability of information throughout the client organization. DIT record centers are hubs for a variety of HIMS-related services including remote date entry, film digitizing, medical record digitizing and all types of filing efforts.

Onsite Scanning Personnel Management

DIT can provide onsite scanning personnel for any scale in-house or 3rd party scanning and imaging platforms.




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