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ManufacturingFor many firms the difference between profit and loss often rests upon their ability to wring inefficiencies out of seemingly mundane processes. If an organization can trim even a few seconds from the time required to scan a document, that saving, multiplied by the number of documents scanned in one day, multiplied by the number of scanners used throughout the company, often mushrooms into a substantial sum that goes straight to the bottom line.

Whether your corporate enterprise is comprised of distributed locations or is a single facility, and regardless of organization size, the need to provide immediate access to mission-critical documents, e-mail, business system financial reports and related structured database information is universal.

The ability to manage and control information across networks and among collaborative workgroups and their corresponding business processes is essential in today's competitive business environment.

  • Guard against potential litigation by customers, suppliers and employees
  • Fast invoice distribution to accelerate cash flow
  • Fast invoice processing to take advantage of vendor discounts
  • Coordinate the activities of offices in multiple states, countries and continents
  • Compliance with laws and regulations in each jurisdiction where the firm operates
  • Receive invoices in unpredictable variety of formats
  • Quick access to records to settle customer service disputes

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