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TraansportationReducing Time between Delivery and Payment

Lost time means lost profits, whether it’s a crucial medical device that has to be delivered across the country in a matter of hours or a demanding customer requiring immediate delivery overseas. Lost time can also mean lost profits for companies if AP and AR processes become backlogged. As a technology leader in its industry, DIT can integrate an ECM (enterprise content management) solution to streamline processes. We provide software solutions that combine integrated document management, business process management and records management in a single web enabled application.

Transportation companies main goals are to minimize the amount of time between when an owner/operator has to be paid and when a customer could be billed. Once a carrier has completed a delivery and submitted the bill of lading, POD and receipts for expenses such as fees, tolls and fuel, they must be paid. If documents are missing, payment to the carrier is held up and the customer can’t be billed. In addition, companies need to ensure that the complex and diverse billing requirements of its customers are met the first time. Accounting systems benefit by implementing Document Imaging and Workflow to increase efficiency. Bills of lading, POD’s and other documents are received via mail, faxes and e-mail and then scanned at a central location using document scanners. When the electronic file is complete, it triggers a Workflow to Payables. It is critical to automatically include all supporting documents with the check.

Transportation companies also have automated processes associated with generating thousands of 1099 forms using Workflow. These systems are configured to create verification letters which can eliminate penalty costs associated with delays. Once the costs of the transport and its delivery are confirmed, Workflow routes files to receivables in order to match the documents with the authorization number and invoices the customer. Billings are one of the most overwhelming jobs. The goal is that every bill is 100% accurate. The Payables department also uses the system to manage standard vendor invoices. For this process, companies employ a Document Retention Program, which automatically eliminates documents according to time-based or event-based business rules. Outdated invoices are destroyed, conserving system resources.

Regulatory Compliance

Because the processes related to Payables and Receivables often rely on input from other departments, use of these systems are not limited to accounting functions only. The process and quality control standards for companies contribute to its ability to acquire certifications such as ISO 9002, CSA (Canadian Shipping Act) and FAST (Free and Secure Trade Program). Safety and Compliance Departments adhere to increasingly stringent government regulations such as, the Patriot Act. They also manages copies of the photo IDs required by the Patriot Act and other security clearances. By having all of these items in one secure file, safety officers can easily determine that requirements have been met.

Increased Productivity

Normally, physical files are difficult to find and cannot always be located. Electronic Document Management solutions make it easier to quickly locate the appropriate information for customers with multiple orders. Tasks can be accomplished faster because, unlike with a paper file, multiple users can complete work simultaneously, including employees at satellite offices. In some instances, documents must be “shared” between two files, or two offices, which often leads to errors with the manual process. Errors are eliminated by making documents available on the Web 24/7/365.

Workflow allows companies to quickly identify loads that haven't been invoiced and where a bottleneck exists in the process. Eliminating paper has also reduced storage costs.


  • Customers are invoiced faster
  • Billing clerk productivity increases
  • Improved responsiveness to customer and owner/operator queries
  • Ability to easily identify what needs to be invoiced
  • Allows documents to be shared and viewed over the Web
  • Eliminates the cost of maintaining banker boxes
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